Laguna Loire (uncle_guna) wrote in hollow_glory,
Laguna Loire

Where's Waldo? ...crap, I got lost again - open to ALL (plz ;_;) [Friday Morning - Midgar streets]

Well, Laguna couldn't say that he didn't try this time. He really did try to find his partner before going out on his own again, but he wasn't there when Laguna checked around and well, he was hungry and his investigation on what SOLDIER actually made sausages out of was thwarted when he got into an argument with the chef about it.

Needless to say, Laguna wasn't going to be eating at the cafeteria for awhile, especially after the chef declared that there would be no soup for him for one year. Which really sucked, for lack of a better word. How was a man supposed to get through the day without a hot, steaming, free bowl of soup?

Well, there was still the option of spending his measly salary on some soup, and Laguna was willing to make the sacrifice. Though he heard of some mystical food that came from Wutai, something about instant noodles and how the students who graduated from Garden spent the first few months of their new lives in the city living off of it. So, Laguna reasoned, Motoki must have had some in his shop.

Now... if he just remembered where the shop was.

"You had to go and forget to write down the address, didn't you, Laguna?" He grumbled to himself. Geez, where was K when you really needed him?!
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