Zolf J. Kimbley (cloakofcrimson) wrote in hollow_glory,
Zolf J. Kimbley

Damn Bureaucracy [Colonel Roy Mustang's Office, Friday Morning]

This had to be punishment.

Granted, the fountain incident...it hadn't exactly been subtle. It hadn't been quiet, and it hadn't even been particularly smart. But - and this was an important fact, and incontrovertibly true - it hadn't been his fault. Still, he'd been in the vicinity and something had been ripped apart, so it was only natural he was getting called in for another meeting with Mustang far too soon after the last one.

Damn it, Kimbley didn't have the patience to deal with the colonel on this regular of a basis. Hopefully he could just give the description of that Wutaian SeeD and then get the hell back to his reading.

He didn't bother knocking; Mustang's note had said 'as soon as possible', which meant that the colonel didn't know exactly when he was coming, which meant that he was probably sleeping behind his desk right now and wouldn't hear a knock anyway. So the Crimson Alchemist simply breezed right into Mustang's office, coming more or less to attention in front of the desk.

"Reporting as requested, Colonel," he drawled.
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