Aoyagi Ritsuka (shotaball) wrote in hollow_glory,
Aoyagi Ritsuka

The first rule of Fight Club is... - Open to Ion and Sync [Trabia Garden - Thursday Night]

He'd stopped along the way a few times when he found a place to take photographs, so it took about twice as long as usual to reach the Training Hall. Ritsuka just couldn't help himself when it came to photography. As they approached the hall, he perused the pictures they'd just taken with a satisfied look on his face. Ion was very photogenic so it was easy to make him the sole subject of several of the photos. "These all look great. I don't see what you were so worried about."

Ignoring the few students still in the area, Ritsuka pushed the doors open to the practice area and slipped inside. The area was huge, perfectly suited to hone any one of the students' many skills, and designed so that several people could train at once without running the risk of stepping on each other's toes. Any necessary equipment was kept on hand, but neatly out of the way on the sidelines near the walls. A few people were still around, but no one seemed to be doing any major practice.
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