Aoyagi Ritsuka (shotaball) wrote in hollow_glory,
Aoyagi Ritsuka

Meeting of the Traps - Open mainly to Ion [Trabia Garden - Thursday Afternoon ]

Even in spring, the snow refused to melt. At first, he'd thought it strange, but now he was used to seeing snow in some form or another all year round. Ritsuka pulled his jacket closer around him, two books tucked under his arm, and trudged along beside the school building. Normally he had a class right around now, but he'd fallen asleep while studying during the lunch hour and was now far too late to go. The teachers would likely berate him for his absence, but Ritsuka excelled in theory so he didn't worry too much. They couldn't fail him for one absence every once in awhile. At least, he hoped they couldn't.

He rounded a corner and stopped, his cat ears twitching at the sound of birds playing in the trees above him. This place was so peaceful when no one else was around. No wonder Seimei had chosen Trabia Garden over all the other schools. His brother liked peace and quiet, he enjoyed studying over going out with the rowdy neighborhood children. The birds overhead twittered again and Ritsuka looked up to find them, raising a hand to protect his eyes from the sunlight. He could see them, fuzzy outlines flitting among the branches, and he smiled faintly. Setting his books down, he pulled out his camera and aimed upward, wanting to capture this moment for later. It was stupid, but it would help him remember the serenity of this place - undisturbed by any other human.
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