Aerith Gainsborough (cetrasoul) wrote in hollow_glory,
Aerith Gainsborough

Mourning Again - Open mainly to Cloud [ Midgar - Morning ]

It had been a long week for Aerith Gainsborough. She was so skilled at wearing a smile and dancing around the subject of her father's disappearance. It seemed to flawless, so easy, even when, deep inside, she was breaking. The strain of her father's death, and... and something else entirely. She would feel faint from time to time, exhausted when she'd just down a cup of coffee and been energetic moments before the spell set in. And the screams she heard in the middle of the night...

Mom was speaking to her again, but even though she assured Aerith that she'd forgiven her for their last argument and apologize for her own part, there was a pain in her eyes that was impossible to hide, a pain that Aerith couldn't help but wonder if she was responsible for.

With a sigh, the librarian wondered if it was as easy to tell when she was hiding something. She'd liked to think she'd been good at it, what with having so much practice lately. Aerith hated to be a burden, and she hated to feel so weak and helpless.

The flower girl was fortunate enough, however, to be in a better state of health at the moment. It had been a quiet morning in the library with only a few of regulars stopping by to pick up reference materials for various assignments. Sometimes it was easier to smile when things were like this; at other times, it would come to be so much that she thought she would collapse on herself. She could let herself break like this. She had to be strong, for Mom's sake, and genuinely helpful to Sephiroth and the rest of his investigation. That was why Aerith smiled brightly as the newly-enlisted SOLDIER placed the flower she'd granted him in his pocket, decidedly more at ease than when he'd walked into the expansive library.

The little things were what kept her going, sometimes more than the big, dramatic, life-altering ones.
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