Kairi (alwaysthethird) wrote in hollow_glory,

Drinks For All! - Open to all. 8D [Midgar - Morning]

Needless to say, things had been pretty eventful for Tidus and Kairi ever since the pair arrived at Midgar. The sheer size of the city was enough to confuse and disorient them, and they only found the SOLDIER recruitment office through an extraordinary chain of events (as Kairi remembered, Tidus had bumped into a very grouchy person who then proceeded to give chase to the two terrified teenagers through several streets, and the crisis was finally averted when Kairi had pulled Tidus into a random building... which so happened to be the SOLDIER recruitment office).

Then paperwork had to be done, equipment had to be given, bunks had to be assigned, and it was boot camp for them. The week had been rough on them both, though Kairi at first was overwhelmed. How could people get up that early in the morning! And the screaming, and the training... Needless to say, their drill sergeant wasn't the nicest man in the universe and Kairi had to shake off the suspicion that he was pushing her harder than the rest just because she was a girl.

After all the tears, the sweat, and the pain, Kairi's first weekend off looked like it was going to be a fun one indeed. She had to do something that didn't involve running through barbed wire before she went insane.

So when this random SOLDIER came up to her and asked her if she wanted to go out for "drinks", Kairi agreed, against her better judgment. Of course, she had to ask Tidus to come along, just because. She didn't think the other guy would mind, and didn't Tidus deserve a break too?

"Thanks for coming along, Tidus," The redhead grinned as they made their way to... what did that guy call it? A pub or something? "I thought we both could use this chance to relax. Too bad we don't get paid more, I wanted to go shopping for something nice."
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