Xigbar (infinityshot) wrote in hollow_glory,

A New Day [Open to everyone]

The image in his mind was like this:
He was standing on the very edge of a cliff, looking down on the city of Midgar, the sun just starting to rise behind him. Suddenly, he would appear in the city, and there would be gasps of surprise as he materialized amongst the people...

As if.

Xigbar, grinning, opened the door to his laboratory...his very dusty laboratory...why had he moved here again?

Right, he needed the cash, and really wanted to further his research. And where else could he do that but here, in Midgar, amongst SeeD?

Okay, so they hadn't exactly kept up with the cleaning in here, but it seemed that other than the dust, it was a pretty decent place. He could already imagine where he would put a small cot for those nights that he stayed here instead of a room.

His dream had always been to further his understanding of space to the point where he would be able to alter it, and move things and people around great distances. Unfortunately, something was missing in his knowledge, that one piece in the puzzle that would lead him to the power. It had been on his thoughts even before the Wutai war. In fact, he couldn't even remember when the ideas had begun. And during the war, he would often be thinking about formulas even as he was in the middle of a fight. That explained the scars littering his body. Nonetheless, he did know how to use a gun and other projectiles. They were very pretty to watch too.

Perhaps here, in this spot, he would finally find the final connection. Dropping his bags, he watched as the dust floated in the air.
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