razorwire_weiss (razorwire_weiss) wrote in hollow_glory,

THe joys of paperwork [Closed]

Well, hadn't that meeting been interesting. The guy was cute, he'd happily admit that, and he seemed enthusiastic enough about becoming a Turk. Yohji couldn't resist a smirk. Maybe he'd even last that long if he didn't mouth off at Jack and Axel again. Although, like the cat he was codenamed after, he couldn't help but be curious about what had gotten him reprimanded.

He'd see if he could find out when they next met. He'd have to see when he was free although really, teaching wasn't his strong point. He'd never really had to do it before, other than showing people around and explaining team dynamics to the occasional newbie.

Ah well, it didn't matter quite yet.

He walked quickly through the halls towards the offices where, no matter what Jack said, there would probably be at least a little paperwork. He really missed when Omi would do all of that stuff. Speaking of which, he should really call him.

He waved to a couple of people in the lounge as he passed and went over to his 'office'; otherwise known as poky little room where paper bred. Might as well get started.
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