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Hollow Glory

Hollow Glory
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Friday Afternoon [
Posted on July 15, 2007 @ 3:55 am
Friday Afternoon

Season - Late Spring
Expected Weather - Heavy Rain

Where's Waldo? ...crap, I got lost again - open to ALL (plz ;_;) [Friday Morning - Midgar streets] [
Posted on July 09, 2007 @ 11:06 am

Well, Laguna couldn't say that he didn't try this time. He really did try to find his partner before going out on his own again, but he wasn't there when Laguna checked around and well, he was hungry and his investigation on what SOLDIER actually made sausages out of was thwarted when he got into an argument with the chef about it.

Needless to say, Laguna wasn't going to be eating at the cafeteria for awhile, especially after the chef declared that there would be no soup for him for one year. Which really sucked, for lack of a better word. How was a man supposed to get through the day without a hot, steaming, free bowl of soup?

Well, there was still the option of spending his measly salary on some soup, and Laguna was willing to make the sacrifice. Though he heard of some mystical food that came from Wutai, something about instant noodles and how the students who graduated from Garden spent the first few months of their new lives in the city living off of it. So, Laguna reasoned, Motoki must have had some in his shop.

Now... if he just remembered where the shop was.

"You had to go and forget to write down the address, didn't you, Laguna?" He grumbled to himself. Geez, where was K when you really needed him?!
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Damn Bureaucracy [Colonel Roy Mustang's Office, Friday Morning] [
Posted on July 08, 2007 @ 10:28 pm

This had to be punishment.

Granted, the fountain incident...it hadn't exactly been subtle. It hadn't been quiet, and it hadn't even been particularly smart. But - and this was an important fact, and incontrovertibly true - it hadn't been his fault. Still, he'd been in the vicinity and something had been ripped apart, so it was only natural he was getting called in for another meeting with Mustang far too soon after the last one.

Damn it, Kimbley didn't have the patience to deal with the colonel on this regular of a basis. Hopefully he could just give the description of that Wutaian SeeD and then get the hell back to his reading.

He didn't bother knocking; Mustang's note had said 'as soon as possible', which meant that the colonel didn't know exactly when he was coming, which meant that he was probably sleeping behind his desk right now and wouldn't hear a knock anyway. So the Crimson Alchemist simply breezed right into Mustang's office, coming more or less to attention in front of the desk.

"Reporting as requested, Colonel," he drawled.

Friday Morning [
Posted on July 07, 2007 @ 1:53 pm
Friday Morning

Season - Late Spring
Expected Weather - Heavy Rain

The first rule of Fight Club is... - Open to Ion and Sync [Trabia Garden - Thursday Night] [
Posted on July 06, 2007 @ 5:38 pm

He'd stopped along the way a few times when he found a place to take photographs, so it took about twice as long as usual to reach the Training Hall. Ritsuka just couldn't help himself when it came to photography. As they approached the hall, he perused the pictures they'd just taken with a satisfied look on his face. Ion was very photogenic so it was easy to make him the sole subject of several of the photos. "These all look great. I don't see what you were so worried about."

Ignoring the few students still in the area, Ritsuka pushed the doors open to the practice area and slipped inside. The area was huge, perfectly suited to hone any one of the students' many skills, and designed so that several people could train at once without running the risk of stepping on each other's toes. Any necessary equipment was kept on hand, but neatly out of the way on the sidelines near the walls. A few people were still around, but no one seemed to be doing any major practice.
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Thursday Night [
Posted on July 02, 2007 @ 10:05 pm
Thursday Night

Season - Late Spring
Expected Weather - Light drizzle

Meeting of the Traps - Open mainly to Ion [Trabia Garden - Thursday Afternoon ] [
Posted on July 02, 2007 @ 12:17 am

Even in spring, the snow refused to melt. At first, he'd thought it strange, but now he was used to seeing snow in some form or another all year round. Ritsuka pulled his jacket closer around him, two books tucked under his arm, and trudged along beside the school building. Normally he had a class right around now, but he'd fallen asleep while studying during the lunch hour and was now far too late to go. The teachers would likely berate him for his absence, but Ritsuka excelled in theory so he didn't worry too much. They couldn't fail him for one absence every once in awhile. At least, he hoped they couldn't.

He rounded a corner and stopped, his cat ears twitching at the sound of birds playing in the trees above him. This place was so peaceful when no one else was around. No wonder Seimei had chosen Trabia Garden over all the other schools. His brother liked peace and quiet, he enjoyed studying over going out with the rowdy neighborhood children. The birds overhead twittered again and Ritsuka looked up to find them, raising a hand to protect his eyes from the sunlight. He could see them, fuzzy outlines flitting among the branches, and he smiled faintly. Setting his books down, he pulled out his camera and aimed upward, wanting to capture this moment for later. It was stupid, but it would help him remember the serenity of this place - undisturbed by any other human.
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Same Ol', Same Ol' - [Thurs. Afternoon; Open to all] [
Posted on June 28, 2007 @ 4:35 pm

Sunlight peeked out through the clouds occasionally, hitting the still-bright white paint of the Furuhata's sign of the shop. Inside, things were relatively quiet.

Business had picked up in the past week, but that was usually in the evenings. That made perfect sense to Motoki, since most people also had other jobs so they could actually pay for things at his store. He leaned on the front counter, looking at the small tank there. "We'll make, Kamekichi. All the work we've done here is finally paying off!" Grinning, he looked over at Nephrine, who was helping their lone customer in the back. "And I think he's glad we're getting more business too, or else he be worried that I would fire him. Like I'd do that to my friend," he whispered conspiringly to Kamekichi.

Motoki pulled out a rag and started cleaning. His shop had to be spotless for when the customers did come out at night. And it was an excuse to actually do something instead of sitting around and moping.
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Thursday Afternoon [
Posted on June 27, 2007 @ 10:12 pm
Thursday Afternoon

Season - Late Spring
Expected Weather - Partially Cloudy

Fluffy alarm clocks - Alphonse - Morning [CLOSED] [
Posted on June 26, 2007 @ 1:44 pm

Al was getting used to being woken up by a sharp tug on his straw-colored hair. He automatically reached above him and took hold of his fluffy, golden alarm clock, wrestling his hair from its beak. The baby chocobo warked and nuzzled at his fingertips.

"Good morning, Balamb," he murmured to it. Balamb chirruped back, then nibbled at his fingertips again. Al laughed. "Okay, okay. Breakfast."

He set the chick down and sat up, running his fingers through his shoulder-length hair and rubbing the remnants of sleep from his eyes. Balamb jumped down from the bed and scurried over to the bathroom, looking at Al with soft blue eyes. It warked again, waiting.

"Okay, okay. I'm coming."

Al had quickly fallen into a routine here at Balamb Garden. Wake up, feed Balamb, grab some breakfast, then either study or do some training in the battle rooms. Afternoons would find him in either the library or in the city, visiting his brother. If he was in the city, he'd have supper at a cafe, and head back for the Garden right after.

He didn't see Edward nearly as often as he wished, and for that he was sad. Edward was so much busier than he was, and he understood that. After all, Edward was an incredible alchemist, and very smart to boot. And what with the missing people, no doubt everyone at the castle was feeling a bit of strain. Al tried not to bother him, telling himself that he was happy just to know where his brother was now.

He gave Balamb his breakfast, then stepped into the shower. After a good workout, he'd go into town. There were a few errands to run, and he was craving some good sausage from that nice deli in sector 3. He might even get to see that nice librarian that was so friendly to him and his baby bird.

Hotshot - Open mainly to Yohji [ Midgar - Morning ] [
Posted on June 23, 2007 @ 7:23 pm

It was getting harder to wake up on mornings.

Soon after her meeting with the King, she'd executed her personal investigation with some of her best men, but this early on there was nothing and more nothing to report. There had been no disappearances since the Nobel case, which was something of a mixed blessing.

Himura kept hidden as he promised and, much to her dismay, had taken it upon himself to cook on a regular basis. It was not that he was a bad chief, but her father would have scolded her for letting a guest carry on like a housewife. Cultures were different, she reminded herself, and people, too.

It was too early on to think her hypothesis had been wrong.

To organize her thoughts, Integra spent the early morning training. She'd fallen out of practice some with all of the office and investigation work, not that it stopped her from pushing just as hard. By the time she made it to the shooting range, her clothes were partially soaked with sweat.

There wasn't much for it. She wanted to do another lap before she finished, so it would be useless to change now.

The colonel slung a towel over her shoulders and collected her equipment. With any luck, the outdoor range would be empty at this hour.
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Mourning Again - Open mainly to Cloud [ Midgar - Morning ] [
Posted on June 22, 2007 @ 2:24 pm

It had been a long week for Aerith Gainsborough. She was so skilled at wearing a smile and dancing around the subject of her father's disappearance. It seemed to flawless, so easy, even when, deep inside, she was breaking. The strain of her father's death, and... and something else entirely. She would feel faint from time to time, exhausted when she'd just down a cup of coffee and been energetic moments before the spell set in. And the screams she heard in the middle of the night...

Mom was speaking to her again, but even though she assured Aerith that she'd forgiven her for their last argument and apologize for her own part, there was a pain in her eyes that was impossible to hide, a pain that Aerith couldn't help but wonder if she was responsible for.

With a sigh, the librarian wondered if it was as easy to tell when she was hiding something. She'd liked to think she'd been good at it, what with having so much practice lately. Aerith hated to be a burden, and she hated to feel so weak and helpless.

The flower girl was fortunate enough, however, to be in a better state of health at the moment. It had been a quiet morning in the library with only a few of regulars stopping by to pick up reference materials for various assignments. Sometimes it was easier to smile when things were like this; at other times, it would come to be so much that she thought she would collapse on herself. She could let herself break like this. She had to be strong, for Mom's sake, and genuinely helpful to Sephiroth and the rest of his investigation. That was why Aerith smiled brightly as the newly-enlisted SOLDIER placed the flower she'd granted him in his pocket, decidedly more at ease than when he'd walked into the expansive library.

The little things were what kept her going, sometimes more than the big, dramatic, life-altering ones.
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Return to SOLDIER [Midgar - Morning] [
Posted on June 21, 2007 @ 10:39 pm


While The Boss normally tried to avoid such sentimentalities, she had to admit that it was good to be home. Back in Midgar once again, even if she was only staying in a hotel, no longer owning a home in the city of her birth, it was still good to be home. 

She had rarely spent any time there, in a city she worked so hard to defend, marching and bleeding across foreign soil to protect the country she loved. But now she was finally back. She hadn’t been able to keep in touch with anyone since she resigned, but she had been able to keep up with the news. There was no telling how much of it was true or not, though, not until she had a chance to look into it herself. 

Assuming, of course, that she could get information… she had gone around town the previous day, hiding under a fake identity, but now it was time to let everyone know that she was back. Hopefully starting with someone she had never even said good-bye too in the first place. 

Jack… she had missed him in her time away. There were also war veterans she needed to catch up with, and if she was indeed going to be staying home this time, she needed to find a more permanent place to stay than the hotel. 

Still, first things first; it was time to let everyone know she was finally back, and find out just where Jack had gone during her time away. The best place to find that out would be to go directly to the head of SOLDIER, and visit the general himself.

It was simple enough to locate his office in the SOLDIER HQ, the door was closed, so she knocked on the door, hoping that he was, in fact, in his office.

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Thursday Morning [
Posted on June 22, 2007 @ 2:48 am
Thursday Morning

Season - Late Spring
Expected Weather - Sunny

Drinks For All! - Open to all. 8D [Midgar - Morning] [
Posted on June 21, 2007 @ 7:12 pm

Needless to say, things had been pretty eventful for Tidus and Kairi ever since the pair arrived at Midgar. The sheer size of the city was enough to confuse and disorient them, and they only found the SOLDIER recruitment office through an extraordinary chain of events (as Kairi remembered, Tidus had bumped into a very grouchy person who then proceeded to give chase to the two terrified teenagers through several streets, and the crisis was finally averted when Kairi had pulled Tidus into a random building... which so happened to be the SOLDIER recruitment office).

Then paperwork had to be done, equipment had to be given, bunks had to be assigned, and it was boot camp for them. The week had been rough on them both, though Kairi at first was overwhelmed. How could people get up that early in the morning! And the screaming, and the training... Needless to say, their drill sergeant wasn't the nicest man in the universe and Kairi had to shake off the suspicion that he was pushing her harder than the rest just because she was a girl.

After all the tears, the sweat, and the pain, Kairi's first weekend off looked like it was going to be a fun one indeed. She had to do something that didn't involve running through barbed wire before she went insane.

So when this random SOLDIER came up to her and asked her if she wanted to go out for "drinks", Kairi agreed, against her better judgment. Of course, she had to ask Tidus to come along, just because. She didn't think the other guy would mind, and didn't Tidus deserve a break too?

"Thanks for coming along, Tidus," The redhead grinned as they made their way to... what did that guy call it? A pub or something? "I thought we both could use this chance to relax. Too bad we don't get paid more, I wanted to go shopping for something nice."
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A New Day [Open to everyone] [
Posted on June 21, 2007 @ 6:46 pm

The image in his mind was like this:
He was standing on the very edge of a cliff, looking down on the city of Midgar, the sun just starting to rise behind him. Suddenly, he would appear in the city, and there would be gasps of surprise as he materialized amongst the people...

As if.

Xigbar, grinning, opened the door to his laboratory...his very dusty laboratory...why had he moved here again?

Right, he needed the cash, and really wanted to further his research. And where else could he do that but here, in Midgar, amongst SeeD?

Okay, so they hadn't exactly kept up with the cleaning in here, but it seemed that other than the dust, it was a pretty decent place. He could already imagine where he would put a small cot for those nights that he stayed here instead of a room.

His dream had always been to further his understanding of space to the point where he would be able to alter it, and move things and people around great distances. Unfortunately, something was missing in his knowledge, that one piece in the puzzle that would lead him to the power. It had been on his thoughts even before the Wutai war. In fact, he couldn't even remember when the ideas had begun. And during the war, he would often be thinking about formulas even as he was in the middle of a fight. That explained the scars littering his body. Nonetheless, he did know how to use a gun and other projectiles. They were very pretty to watch too.

Perhaps here, in this spot, he would finally find the final connection. Dropping his bags, he watched as the dust floated in the air.

Kyoudai [Open to Al] [
Posted on June 09, 2006 @ 12:28 am

Ed's room was nothing special. He only really used it to sleep in and occasionally to read when it was late and he'd been kicked out of the library. It wasn't exactly the tidiest place on earth. Ed had never really cared before. It was just a place he went to occasionally. But now that Al was here... he felt kind of embarressed about it.

The desk was piled high withs books and sheets of paper and the bookcase was full of thick volumes. That along with the rumpled white bedclothes was the only sign that the room was occupied. He'd never really bothered making it homely, personalising it, because he'd never expected to be here this long and as months had turned into years, and he'd spent more time on missions, he'd just never really got around to it.

Still, it was better than the cafeteria, he supposed. He shooed Al inside and followed afterwards, closing the door behind himself. He perched on the end on the bed and looked up at his younger brother.


What the hell did you say in this kind of situation?
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Keeping Promises - [Closed-Roy/Ed/Al] [
Posted on May 21, 2006 @ 9:54 pm

Roy Mustang sighed as he eyed this 'Alphonse Elric' over once more. He seemed to check out, despite the fact that he'd been stupid enough to bring a baby chocobo into a military facility. A baby chocobo that was currently making a nest out of the paperwork he'd actually managed to complete earlier that day. If there were droppings on by the time this little meeting was through...

"Well, you seem to check out, Alphonse. I imagine he'll be pretty happy to actually hear from you." Roy pulled out a pad of paper, flipping through it to see what he'd actually assigned Edward to do that day.

Al fidgeted a little in his chair.Collapse )

Escape! - [complete] [
Posted on May 20, 2006 @ 9:59 pm

So, it was finally time to leave.

The truth was, Tidus wasn't sure what had compelled him to buy the tickets out of there, but then again, it probably didn't matter. They were leaving, and there was no taking it back. He felt bad for leaving his friends behind without so much as a goodbye, but it couldn't be helped. If they got caught, it was all over, right? Besides, it wasn't like he'd never see them again. He was sure he could find time to visit, and in the meantime, they could always write letters or talk on those electronic journals. He was sure they would understand, and if not, he could find some way to make it up to them.

All the necessary items for the trip were found and put in a blue bag; clothes, socks, underwear, a few pictures, snacks, munny, and of course, the tickets. He didn't have room in it for much else, and he didn't want to over-pack. After all, there was no point in having a bunch of stuff he didn't need weighing him down. He could buy anything else he needed, anyway. He just hoped that he had enough munny.

The bag was slung over his shoulder, and he made his way out of his room, beginning the descent down the stairs. With every step he took, he became more and more exited; the mainland was going to be so great! So many new places to see, and people to talk to. And Tidus wanted to see it all! Midgar, Junon, Costa del Sol, Balamb... Big town, little towns... Everything! First thing was first, though. He had to help out Kairi. That was what this was all about, right? There would be time for all that later.

As he reached the door, there was a gruff, masculine voice behind him. "Leaving so soon?"

He turned towards it, rubbing the back of his neck and laughing nervously. Auron. Did he know? And if so, what if the mayor knew too? No way could their journey end this early!

"Show me your bag," Auron commanded stoically, and Tidus quickly complied, fidgeting nervously as the man rummaged the contents.

"You think you can get by on this?"

The question was deadpanned in the way that meant he had done something wrong, and Tidus found himself answering with a rather eloquent, "Um..."

The man just sighed and shook his head. The bag was walked off with, leaving Tidus to stand there and wonder just what was going to happen next. The wait wasn't very long before he returned with the bag, which now looked as though it was stuffed to absolute maximum before the seams ripped. It was tossed towards him lethargically. Geez. Hopefully none of the picture frames broke.

"Next time, plan ahead."

Tidus just nodded dumbly, before fleeing in his grand departure. Wow, that had been close! He figured that he had probably gotten of easy that time. He had been worried for a moment there, but now he was more certain than ever. Things would be just fine.

He had to wonder just what the geezer put in there, as the bag was now significantly heavier. Oh well. He could check it out later. The man probably knew what he was doing, and he had to go find Kairi!
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THe joys of paperwork [Closed] [
Posted on May 17, 2006 @ 12:37 pm

Well, hadn't that meeting been interesting. The guy was cute, he'd happily admit that, and he seemed enthusiastic enough about becoming a Turk. Yohji couldn't resist a smirk. Maybe he'd even last that long if he didn't mouth off at Jack and Axel again. Although, like the cat he was codenamed after, he couldn't help but be curious about what had gotten him reprimanded.

He'd see if he could find out when they next met. He'd have to see when he was free although really, teaching wasn't his strong point. He'd never really had to do it before, other than showing people around and explaining team dynamics to the occasional newbie.

Ah well, it didn't matter quite yet.

He walked quickly through the halls towards the offices where, no matter what Jack said, there would probably be at least a little paperwork. He really missed when Omi would do all of that stuff. Speaking of which, he should really call him.

He waved to a couple of people in the lounge as he passed and went over to his 'office'; otherwise known as poky little room where paper bred. Might as well get started.

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