Furuhata Motoki (heartturtles) wrote in hollow_glory,
Furuhata Motoki

Same Ol', Same Ol' - [Thurs. Afternoon; Open to all]

Sunlight peeked out through the clouds occasionally, hitting the still-bright white paint of the Furuhata's sign of the shop. Inside, things were relatively quiet.

Business had picked up in the past week, but that was usually in the evenings. That made perfect sense to Motoki, since most people also had other jobs so they could actually pay for things at his store. He leaned on the front counter, looking at the small tank there. "We'll make, Kamekichi. All the work we've done here is finally paying off!" Grinning, he looked over at Nephrine, who was helping their lone customer in the back. "And I think he's glad we're getting more business too, or else he be worried that I would fire him. Like I'd do that to my friend," he whispered conspiringly to Kamekichi.

Motoki pulled out a rag and started cleaning. His shop had to be spotless for when the customers did come out at night. And it was an excuse to actually do something instead of sitting around and moping.
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