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Fluffy alarm clocks - Alphonse - Morning [CLOSED]

Al was getting used to being woken up by a sharp tug on his straw-colored hair. He automatically reached above him and took hold of his fluffy, golden alarm clock, wrestling his hair from its beak. The baby chocobo warked and nuzzled at his fingertips.

"Good morning, Balamb," he murmured to it. Balamb chirruped back, then nibbled at his fingertips again. Al laughed. "Okay, okay. Breakfast."

He set the chick down and sat up, running his fingers through his shoulder-length hair and rubbing the remnants of sleep from his eyes. Balamb jumped down from the bed and scurried over to the bathroom, looking at Al with soft blue eyes. It warked again, waiting.

"Okay, okay. I'm coming."

Al had quickly fallen into a routine here at Balamb Garden. Wake up, feed Balamb, grab some breakfast, then either study or do some training in the battle rooms. Afternoons would find him in either the library or in the city, visiting his brother. If he was in the city, he'd have supper at a cafe, and head back for the Garden right after.

He didn't see Edward nearly as often as he wished, and for that he was sad. Edward was so much busier than he was, and he understood that. After all, Edward was an incredible alchemist, and very smart to boot. And what with the missing people, no doubt everyone at the castle was feeling a bit of strain. Al tried not to bother him, telling himself that he was happy just to know where his brother was now.

He gave Balamb his breakfast, then stepped into the shower. After a good workout, he'd go into town. There were a few errands to run, and he was craving some good sausage from that nice deli in sector 3. He might even get to see that nice librarian that was so friendly to him and his baby bird.
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