not_for_honor (not_for_honor) wrote in hollow_glory,

Return to SOLDIER [Midgar - Morning]

While The Boss normally tried to avoid such sentimentalities, she had to admit that it was good to be home. Back in Midgar once again, even if she was only staying in a hotel, no longer owning a home in the city of her birth, it was still good to be home. 

She had rarely spent any time there, in a city she worked so hard to defend, marching and bleeding across foreign soil to protect the country she loved. But now she was finally back. She hadn’t been able to keep in touch with anyone since she resigned, but she had been able to keep up with the news. There was no telling how much of it was true or not, though, not until she had a chance to look into it herself. 

Assuming, of course, that she could get information… she had gone around town the previous day, hiding under a fake identity, but now it was time to let everyone know that she was back. Hopefully starting with someone she had never even said good-bye too in the first place. 

Jack… she had missed him in her time away. There were also war veterans she needed to catch up with, and if she was indeed going to be staying home this time, she needed to find a more permanent place to stay than the hotel. 

Still, first things first; it was time to let everyone know she was finally back, and find out just where Jack had gone during her time away. The best place to find that out would be to go directly to the head of SOLDIER, and visit the general himself.

It was simple enough to locate his office in the SOLDIER HQ, the door was closed, so she knocked on the door, hoping that he was, in fact, in his office.

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