Tidus (spiral_cut) wrote in hollow_glory,

Escape! - [complete]

So, it was finally time to leave.

The truth was, Tidus wasn't sure what had compelled him to buy the tickets out of there, but then again, it probably didn't matter. They were leaving, and there was no taking it back. He felt bad for leaving his friends behind without so much as a goodbye, but it couldn't be helped. If they got caught, it was all over, right? Besides, it wasn't like he'd never see them again. He was sure he could find time to visit, and in the meantime, they could always write letters or talk on those electronic journals. He was sure they would understand, and if not, he could find some way to make it up to them.

All the necessary items for the trip were found and put in a blue bag; clothes, socks, underwear, a few pictures, snacks, munny, and of course, the tickets. He didn't have room in it for much else, and he didn't want to over-pack. After all, there was no point in having a bunch of stuff he didn't need weighing him down. He could buy anything else he needed, anyway. He just hoped that he had enough munny.

The bag was slung over his shoulder, and he made his way out of his room, beginning the descent down the stairs. With every step he took, he became more and more exited; the mainland was going to be so great! So many new places to see, and people to talk to. And Tidus wanted to see it all! Midgar, Junon, Costa del Sol, Balamb... Big town, little towns... Everything! First thing was first, though. He had to help out Kairi. That was what this was all about, right? There would be time for all that later.

As he reached the door, there was a gruff, masculine voice behind him. "Leaving so soon?"

He turned towards it, rubbing the back of his neck and laughing nervously. Auron. Did he know? And if so, what if the mayor knew too? No way could their journey end this early!

"Show me your bag," Auron commanded stoically, and Tidus quickly complied, fidgeting nervously as the man rummaged the contents.

"You think you can get by on this?"

The question was deadpanned in the way that meant he had done something wrong, and Tidus found himself answering with a rather eloquent, "Um..."

The man just sighed and shook his head. The bag was walked off with, leaving Tidus to stand there and wonder just what was going to happen next. The wait wasn't very long before he returned with the bag, which now looked as though it was stuffed to absolute maximum before the seams ripped. It was tossed towards him lethargically. Geez. Hopefully none of the picture frames broke.

"Next time, plan ahead."

Tidus just nodded dumbly, before fleeing in his grand departure. Wow, that had been close! He figured that he had probably gotten of easy that time. He had been worried for a moment there, but now he was more certain than ever. Things would be just fine.

He had to wonder just what the geezer put in there, as the bag was now significantly heavier. Oh well. He could check it out later. The man probably knew what he was doing, and he had to go find Kairi!
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